10 Tree Facts You May Not Know

The month of the earth is coming to an end and with a very important celebration: Arbor Day! We all know that trees are important because they are one of the main producers of oxygen on earth. But the trees are the best and they do much more than give oxygen to living beings!
On this occasion we want to tell you more about trees , 10 facts so that tomorrow when you see one you don't take it for granted and understand the great work they do on our planet.

10 facts about trees that you did not know

Arbor Day is celebrated to make people aware of the need to protect these essential beings for our lives. And as if releasing oxygen wasn't reason enough to do it, we leave you with 10 fun facts about trees to make you love them even more.

10 fun facts about trees

1.The rings of the trunks reveal more than their age: The rings of their trunks can show us signs of environmental changes such as volcanic eruptions or increases in pollution that we can relate to the age of each tree to identify certain events at a specific time .
tree rings
2.No other organism lives as long as a tree: they are the oldest organisms on earth and the ones that live the longest!
3. They are natural temperature controllers: in addition to providing shade and allowing lower temperatures under it (under the shade the temperature can drop almost 10º), trees mitigate extreme temperatures by absorbing solar radiation.
shadow of the trees
4. They contain DNA!: Each tree has a unique genetic footprint just like humans.
5. Many medicines come from trees . Many have been produced from different compounds found in trees and other plants, one of the best known examples being aspirin which originated from white willow bark.
The origin of aspirin
6. They literally live on air: 90% of the nutrients they need are absorbed from the atmosphere, and only 10% from the soil.
7. They are one of the main carbon sinks: They absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) present in the earth and thus reduce the greenhouse gases that cause the increase in global temperature.
Trees are one of the main carbon sinks
8. They are home to more than 80% of the world's biodiversity: Especially native tree species are habitats for a wide variety of fauna.
9. Prevent floods: They collect and store rainwater, thus avoiding overflows in water levels. Soils without any vegetation cover absorb 18 times less than a tree-covered soil.
10. They block noise!: The leaves and branches of trees absorb and divert sound waves, they are natural insulators that attenuate sound.
You already discovered how important trees are, we at Saving The Amazon work every day to deliver more trees to the world and thus combat problems such as deforestation, environmental degradation and the climate crisis.

Join us and help us plant more trees for the world.

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  • Me interesaría que me donarán arboles, tengo demasiado terreno y gente que me ayudaría a plantar y a cuidar

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  • Cada cosa en la creación ya sea pequeña o grande es impresionante, imposible que no exista un Creador.

  • Tiene razón pero el ser humano somos los que nos destruimos apesar deque losepamos solo pensamos el la anvicion del dinero que triste como se están acabando los recursos naturales


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