The cyclical power of nature

Nature is constantly changing all the time. It is made up of different cycles and phases that transform our environment and ourselves all the time. We observe these cycles in the moon, plants, the growth of human beings and even menstruation. Perhaps you have ever heard about the connection between the cycle of the moon and menstruation , or the moon and plants, as well as others that are more directly related such as the natural cycles of water, oxygen, carbon or nitrogen. In this new blog entry, we tell you a little more about the relationship between the different cycles that we see and experience every day , as well as all those ancient secrets that are hidden behind these beliefs.

One of the most relevant links within the cycles of nature is the temporal. The cycle of the moon and menstruation last the same time, which is why many beliefs start from the idea that these two cycles are directly related.

The different phases that each of these phenomena go through during their cycles are evidence that we are in constant evolution , that is, in constant change. Understanding these cycles is understanding the world that surrounds us as a space in which everything is reborn from time to time . On this occasion we have teamed up with Bloom to tell you more about these processes and relationships between the cycles of nature and man. We have realized that we are not afraid of getting our hands dirty and we decided to connect the different cycles of nature to understand the environment of change that we are experiencing all the time in the world. We are all cyclical, we are all natural . Discover everything that is hidden behind these ancestral relationships and how we can get the most out of them.

There are different elements that can connect one cycle with another. The natural cycles that allow life, for example, are interrelated to thus create a balanced and perfect recipe for the existence of living beings on the planet with elements such as oxygen, water, nitrogen or carbon. On the other hand, we can find cycles such as the moon, plants or even menstruation that are not always directly interrelated with each other due to the different phases that compose them, if not due to other conditions such as the duration of the cycle. same cycle, which according to popular and ancestral beliefs affects other living beings and phases of other beings on earth.

Does the moon really govern natural cycles?

The moon and the pressure it exerts on the earth directly affect the tides, plants, the earth and even human behavior.

Since we were children we have heard affirmations such as plant your plants in a new moon or prune them in the first quarter or cut your hair in a full moon , and although not all these affirmations come from demonstrable cases , it is a fact that the lunar phases affect the earth in different ways. ways and likewise to the beings that inhabit it. Although we may think that these are just popular beliefs, the effect of the moon on crops and crops is proven and reinforces the cyclical quality of nature . The moon contributes to the growth and germination of crops. From our grandparents to the ancestral indigenous communities, this knowledge has been migrating to the point that today we hear these beliefs and they are still used to the maximum. Each phase of the moon affects plants differently, we explain the effect of each one.

The new moon is the stage in which the moon does not reflect light. In agriculture this cycle is known as the dormant cycle , since when moonlight decreases drastically, roots and plants grow more slowly than in other phases. These stages are perfect for maintaining crops and our plants, since we take advantage of the state of "rest" to avoid subjecting them to a higher level of stress in other phases of the moon.

crescent quarter. During this phase the moon gets a little closer to the earth and the pressure on our planet increases. During this period, both the plant and the soil undergo changes that affect the development of the crops. The moonlight increases and the crops begin to grow a little more balanced. While in the soil water movements occur due to the pressure of the moon, allowing the seeds to absorb more water and germinate a little faster, and although the moon is not a determining factor, it can favor the development of crops.

Full moon. In this phase we can see the moon in its entirety, and it marks the middle of the lunar month. Thanks to the increase in moonlight, the leaves of the plants tend to develop more quickly and likewise the movement of water is greater.

waning quarter This stage occurs before the new moon and after the full moon. During this phase the moon begins to decrease its visibility, the lunar light begins to decrease with the passing of the days and there is less activity in the vegetation, causing the plants to return to a state of rest for the new moon.

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The cyclical moon and menstruation.

Another relationship that we have surely heard about is that of the moon with the menstrual cycle . Since ancient times , the lunar phases have been associated with the menstrual cycle temporarily, since both are divided into 4 phases and it takes approximately 28 days to complete a cycle. With Bloom we want to tell you how these cycles are related to each other and to nature based on this ancestral belief.

From Saving The Amazon and Bloom we want to invite you to recognize your cycles as natural and understand them to accept ourselves as part of nature.

Different beliefs have directly associated the beginning of the new menstrual cycle and the luteal phase -which ends it- with the lunar phases from the new moon to the waning moon, and, likewise, thanks to this temporal relationship, different rituals have been created. that can allow us to have a greater harmony with nature. Together with Bloom, we invite you to learn about the different ways we have to connect with nature through our biological cycles and natural cycles, and to discover the processes that unite people with the earth. If you want to know more about these ancestral relationships, you cannot miss Menstruation, the moon and the cyclical power of nature.

Each time we reaffirm the connection that we find between each being, each element, each phenomenon that exists in the world . Understanding and knowing these relationships also allows us to recognize ourselves as natural beings connected to the earth. Let's keep discovering all the secrets of the world and the endless possibilities that nature offers us to live in a sustainable and balanced way ! Keep discovering the Amazon and the world with us. And what if you dare to connect with nature through a tree marked with your name? If the idea sounds like you click here

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