Sustainable (and unique) gift ideas for Christmas... And for the whole year!

At this time it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the pressure we have from the world to give and buy endless gifts, bonuses, presents or gifts. No matter how they call it where you live, don't forget that you can choose to take a breath and really think about what you want to give to your loved ones, something that comes from your heart and not from the pressure of the times.

Today we can find many options to give a special gift to the people we love. Be encouraged to give away experiences, moments and memories that will surely remain in the hearts of your loved ones.

We give you several gift ideas, most of them sustainable, that will surely help you give not only a nice gift, but a memory for a lifetime. Go ahead and give away experiences that we will remember forever.


Take advantage of virtuality! Give a course to your friends, your family or your partner. Search pages like crehana , domestika , coursera , a course on a topic they like. The possibilities are endless!

For example, if he likes photography, you can give him a course on portrait photography, landscape photography, photography principles. If you are interested in cooking, it can be about pastry, pasta preparation, cocktails. A course on an author you like to read is also a very good idea. If you are learning a language or if you want to learn, you can take advantage of the different platforms that exist. You may also be interested in a face-to-face course on art that you can even do together, ceramics, painting, engraving or drawing are very good options. They can also take dance classes!

You can give him a workshop on something that you think he might like, such as stamping, essential oils, composting, etc.


An experience outside your city, a yoga retreat, a workshop in nature, a weekend trip, a walk on an ecological trail, an experience to visit different restaurants, museums, places. These experiences create great memories that you can share for a long time!

Things that are not things… Or at least not all of them.

  • A subscription to an application or online platform can be very useful. A meditation, exercise, streaming app, you can choose according to the interest of the person.
  • An E-Book that you want to recommend or if you prefer a physical book that may interest you.
  • A playlist of your favorite music.
  • A donation to a foundation in his name, with us you can make it very easy !
  • A meal! You can prepare it yourself, make his favorite dessert, invite him to eat his favorite food or to the restaurant he likes the most. And why not, accompany it with a delicious sangria from the hand of Sangarí with its exceptional Amazonian sangria.
  • Personal care products such as natural soaps, shampoo, creams. Or elements that allow you to have more sustainable habits such as the bamboo brush, others that are reusable such as a cigarette, cutlery, menstrual cup, cloth bags.

In addition to giving a gift from the heart that will surely last as a memory in that person you love so much, you can take advantage of and support local businesses and give those brands that strive to offer you sustainable and unique options a chance.

The most important thing is that you give from love and really thinking about the other, take advantage of the opportunity you have to give something to spend time with the people you love, live experiences together, take care of the planet and enjoy the happiness that you can share with your beloved.

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