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When at the last Board of Directors of La Buena Huella in 2020 we unanimously voted and decided to establish the planting and care of a tree in the Amazon as our official corporate gift, this action came to be considered as the identity sign of the entity, and, our alliance with Saving The Amazon was consolidated as strategic.

The alliance between La Buena Huella and Saving The Amazon speaks of a shared vision, of a commitment to unite corporate activity with the generation of positive impacts in the economic, social, environmental, cultural and Good Governance spheres.

Good Governance Value

The decision on how to be is something vital in an entity, as well as coherence, permanent and transversal, in terms of responsible and sustainable management of the company. Giving life as a gift is part of the La Buena huella strategy.

Social Value

The business forest of La Buena Huella is planted and cared for by the indigenous people of the Tayazú community, considered an indigenous and native people. This work contributes to their economic survival, preservation of their territory and thus, to their sustainable future as an independent and proud people.

Cultural value

Saving The Amazon presents, through various articles and materials, the possibility of learning about the Amazon, its inhabitants, its state, and, also important, helps us understand the impacts that each fact and action has, not only on the Amazon, but to the world, in a fundamental teaching on global hyperconnection.

environmental value

The best known and obvious. What is the impact of each planting? What is the opportunity cost in global habitability of not doing so? The measurement of impacts and their quantification are key to the strategic objective of being a regenerative entity for the world, which means generating more positive than negative impacts through our activity.

Economic value

For a very small unit investment, a very large gift is provided, as well as help in the construction of the brand that is part of corporate survival, its value through its reputation, as well as the construction of the price and desire to the demand.

Added to the above, from La Buena Huella we highlight the human team behind the Saving The Amazon brand, led in Spain by Carol Saavedra, with whom dialogue is easy and transparent.

And without a doubt we say, saving the Amazon is the best way to leave a good mark.

Written by: La Buena Huella

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