The alarming deforestation figures during the pandemic in the Amazon Rainforest

On July 7, the deforestation report in Colombia for 2020 was published by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS) where alarming figures for the environment and for all of us.

Despite the fact that the pandemic caused by Covid-19 caused less human activity, thus providing a breather for various ecosystems in the world, in Colombia deforestation increased by 8% compared to 2019, thus harming ecosystem services, environmental relations and the biodiversity of the entire country, showing that even in confinement and with the world on pause, the devastating problems facing our ecosystems have not stopped.

In Colombia, 171,685 hectares were felled, equivalent to more than 245,000 soccer fields and 64% of these figures were contributed by the Amazon, the most biodiverse place in the world.

This was demonstrated by the IDEAM and MADS report, which reports that a total of 171,685 hectares of forest were felled. This is equivalent to more than 245,000 soccer fields.

The most worrying thing is that 64%, equivalent to 109,000 hectares, are in the Amazon. This, in addition to establishing an alarming panorama for the conservation of this ecological sanctuary and all the species that inhabit it, establishes clear evidence of the lack of state presence and the absence of effective actions regarding the protection of the territories and the fight against this great threat to the jungle, deforestation.

Colombian deforestation 2020

"The main causes of this situation are associated with the grazing of land for illegal land grabbing. Added to this are poor extensive livestock practices, unplanned transportation infrastructure, crops for illicit use, the illegal extraction of minerals, illegal logging and the expansion of the agricultural frontier in areas that are not permitted." per week.

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The Amazon continues to be the area in greatest danger due to deforestation.

This situation is worrying not only for the country, but for the entire world, which is why we want to tell you that from the Saving the Amazon Foundation, we have been working for more than 8 years to combat deforestation , in joint work with indigenous communities. who inhabit the Amazon.

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 During these 8 years, we have linked thousands of people and hundreds of organizations worldwide, who, through the adoption of trees , contribute to the conservation of the most important ecosystem in the world and at the same time generate decent work opportunities for the indigenous communities, who live in areas with high rates of multidimensional poverty (over 70%).

In this sense, Saving the Amazon is proud not only to be contributing to the restoration of the Amazon, but also to be champions of a model that contributes to avoiding deforestation in the medium and long term, giving value to the standing forest and strengthening the indigenous communities.

We must take into account that in Colombia we have the incredible fortune of sharing the Amazon biome, the most biodiverse place in the world (it houses around 30% of the world's biodiversity), is home to more than 350 indigenous groups, regulates rainfall the entire continent, among others.

Colombian deforestation 2020

But that fortune is in turn an immense responsibility, since we are the ones who must guarantee its permanence for future generations.

Today we want to invite you to join us in this great fight. Go ahead and adopt a tree and help us fight this great threat to our forests.

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