Why celebrate earth day?

Throughout the year we celebrate many different days, children's day, mother's day, forest day, biodiversity day, earth day! But why? What sense do these celebrations have?

Some may seem like simple consumerist excuses to buy more and more every day, but we must keep in mind that many of these days were institutionalized to make situations visible and sensitize people about important issues. To draw the attention of the media and governments to the relevance of the hundreds of problems that are still unresolved, to talk about them and put them on the table as important discussion topics that require immediate and recurring actions.

The earth is our home, the only one we have for now , and it is our responsibility to take care of it and protect all those who inhabit it, and today, April 22, is a perfect day to remember this.

As established by the UNMother Earth clearly asks us to act. The oceans fill with plastics and become more acidic. Extreme heat, wildfires and flooding, as well as a record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season, have affected millions of people .” If we don't become aware today, tomorrow will be too late.

The history of Earth Day

In 1962, with the book Best Seller Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, a general awareness and concern about the environment began to develop, which led to the movement of April 22, 1970, the date on which Earth Day was born at the hands of Senator Gaylord Nelson.
“Inspired by the student anti-war movement, Senator Nelson wanted to infuse the energy of the student anti-war protests with an emerging public awareness of air and water pollution.”* And along with Denis Heis, a young activist, They recruited more than 20 million Americans, 10% of the country's population at the time , to take to the streets and demonstrate against industrial development that had left a disastrous legacy for humanity and nature.
Earth Day marches April 22, 1970
Different groups that had fought against causes such as toxic landfills, pesticides, highways, nature loss, oil spills, sewage, polluting factories and extinction of wildlife came together on Earth Day achieving a common alignment of interests and values. which ended up involving the entire American society.
By 1990 Earth Day went global, moving 200 million people in more than 140 countries and bringing hundreds of environmental problems to the world stage.
*If you want to know more, we invite you to see the complete story here

But... What do we celebrate on Earth Day?

Our relationship with nature is fractured , and we have been realizing this for decades. Biodiversity and land resources are declining at an alarming rate, and we are increasingly seeing the impacts of this problem. The consequences for humanity and the planet are closer than ever.
For this reason, Earth Day is established, because in addition to celebrating the existence of a unique place with perfect conditions that allow the existence of life, Earth Day seeks to raise awareness among humanity about the problems it currently faces, such as : pollution, overpopulation, loss of biodiversity, increase in global temperature, among others.

The Living Planet Index detects a global average decline of 68% of the nearly 21,000 populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish studied between 1970 and 2016.

A healthy planet is the only thing that can guarantee a healthy future for all. The Living Planet 2020 report heralds that we are reaching a limit, time is running out and the current crisis is either becoming an opportunity to fuel a green renaissance or a complete loss of ecosystem functions that support all forms of life.

Vaupes River

Every day is Earth Day, let's not forget, but dates like these allow us to remember that we must work for their well-being , care and ensure their protection, today is the day to commit ourselves to take action for a better planet, let's remember Today more than ever we need a change.

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  • Es un día para rendir homenaje y reconocer a la Tierra como nuestro hogar, así como lo han expresado distintas culturas a lo largo de la historia, demostrando la interdependencia entre sus ecosistemas y los seres vivos que la habitamos. Como paso fundamental, es importante que los países desarrollen legislaciones más exigentes en lo que respecta al cuidado del medio ambiente, especialmente para los sectores industriales, que son los que causan mayor contaminación en las poblaciones urbanas. Principio precautorio el que contamina paga.

    Oswaldo Lopez
  • Creo que toda propuesta para buscar patrocinantes es interesante, sin necesidad de invadir y hostigar a las personas.

    Luis Hernandez
  • bueno Dios ha creado la naturaleza o este mundo para todos los seres vivos y no solamente para el hombre; pero sin embargo el hombre como si fuera el único dueño lo despoja a otros seres vivos de su habitad, tala bosques naturales y mata a sus animales y otros seres vivos ya no tienen donde vivir, viven en la miseria y hambre y sin habitad. El hombre en su afán de ambición económica todo lo destruye.

    Hector Huaman
  • Bendita la Tierra y su naturaleza
    Dios quiera que nuestros deseos lleguen a los que talan e incendian indiscriminadamente sus selvas y bosques, no piensan en sus descendientes, en el derecho que les estany quitando a ver árboles centenarios y especies animales que se extinguen con ellos. No hay respeto ni conciencia sobre el mal gravísimo que están ocasionando.

    Irene Busniuk
  • Podríamos ser los ángeles guardianes de la vida, y en cambio somos un virus letal para todas la demás especies vivientes… Al final, los dinosaurios fueron mucho más valiosos y productivos que nosotros, que nunca llegaremos a vivir tanto como ellos. A quien le interese, sugiero dejar de consumir como locos y abrir el corazón a todos los seres que silenciosamente respiran a nuestro alrededor. Cuiden a sus plantas, respeten a todos los animales, y recibirán mucho más de lo que dan. Saludos

    Ale Stella

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