What does Earth mean to Saving the Amazon?

By Maria Angella Fortich Fraija

 “For something you are so special within the planetary system, for being oxygen, abundance, wisdom and being reborn. That is what you are for me, Mother Earth, synonymous with greatness and humility, because you welcome us all into your jungles, oceans, paramos, deserts, etc. And you teach us the art of life. Today I thank you for teaching me that you mean harmony and perfection." –Kevin Reyes, Saving the Amazon

Mother Earth is our base of life, it is where all the magic happens and appears around us. As we all know, we have not been the best children with her, while she has given us everything, we have hurt her and made her sick, to the point that if we do not change our relationship with her, we may not know her in the same way again. .

Little history of Earth Day

“The irony of thinking that the planet's "dominant" species is the cause of one of the most critical environmental crises of all time is something that puts the meaning of the word civilization into perspective, but the planet doesn't care. We carry nothing as an industrialized species compared to the formation of the planet.” – Juan Moyano, Saving the Amazon

 In the midst of the Vietnam War, many people, mostly students, began to question the kind of chemicals that were being dropped from weapons against villages during the war. One of the chemicals that did the most damage to the planet and its inhabitants was the “orange gun”, this powder burned people's skin to such an extent that some children were hospitalized with second and third degree burns.

All these means caused indignation in the population, and it was discovered that all the pesticides, weapons and other chemicals used in the war caused great environmental damage, generating contamination in the water, air and soil, affecting the crops of that part of Asia.

As a result of all the protests, the environmental movement ended, thanks to his efforts and to give strength to that movement, Senator Nelson decreed April 22 in 1970 as Earth Day.

If you want to know more, we invite you to read our article “ Why celebrate Earth Day?

planet earth as home

“For me our planet is the most perfect and supreme creation, it is our home that allows us to live and gives us everything to be able to live to all living beings; each one has a fundamental role to protect and preserve it. The planet with all its ecosystems and the interrelationship between the living and abiotic beings that we inhabit make life possible, we must respect and protect the life of everyone on the planet and not put our interests above the well-being of our planet and all living things” – Andrea Duarte, Saving the Amazon

The planet has been our home for a long time, it protects us and protects us from all the damage we cause it. For that we have to heal our relationship with Mother Earth, she represents our everything and we could not be here if it were not for her.

The infinite love that GAIA has for us is beautiful, it helps us to live and develop as people.

“The planet means life and it means love, it means all the opportunities to live in harmony and be better people” – Diego Martínez, Saving the Amazon

We are all connected, in this place the ecosystems depend on each other.

“For me, Mother Earth is a living being, a wonderful and conscious energy that is part of us, or better yet, we are part of it. It is as if she were the trunk of the tree and we are its leaves, as if she were the garden and we are its flowers, or as if she were a great network in which all of us (minerals, plants, animals, humans) are interconnected and that affects one will affect us all”- Juan Felipe Aristizábal, Saving the Amazon

We are a chain and every mistake we make is going to be involved in other climatic factors and it is growing. Not stopping damaging it is something illogical and self-destructive. “There is no planet like it, it is the only place with special characteristics for life to develop and it is the most special place, therefore it is the one that we should value the most as a species and care for the most” – Juan Sebastián Vega, Saving the Amazon .

Every day we should stop for a moment and connect our bodies with Mother Earth. Thank you every day for things as simple as cleaning the air that fills our lungs with your trees or on these rainy days for the smell that remains after it clears.


At Saving we thank you for…

“Its mountains, its waters and its natural splendor”- Alejandro Gil, Saving the Amazon

- The sunrises.

- The trees.

- Generate hope.

- For teaching me to better relate to everything around me.

“For giving my daughter everything she might need”- Diego Martínez, Saving the Amazon

“My gratitude to the planet is cemented in that, despite the fact that we as a species are struggling with each other to fix our long-term survival, Gaia continues to show her most incredible beauty and wisdom”- Juan Moyano, Saving the Amazon.

-Thank you for being everything we see and do not see, you are more than what goes in our own understanding.

“I thank Mother Earth for letting me discover things about nature every day and allowing me to be fascinated by it”- Alejandra Botero, Saving the Amazon

Or what sums up all the thanks better…

“Thank you for absolutely everything, because without you, Mother Earth, we could not exist. Without you we are nothing, without you we cannot” – Andrea Duarte, Saving the Amazon

It only remains to say Thank you for giving us so much Mother Earth!

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