What does Saving the Amazon means for our CEO?

Author: Daniel Gutiérrez Patiño- CEO Saving the Amazon

Opposites are complementary. This perspective of life accompanies me intensely in these moments of my life and I want to start with this idea to express my thoughts and feelings about Saving the Amazon. I hope that in each paragraph you can find that tension between opposites that results in this great adventure.

Saving the Amazon is my story. The realization of the powerful vitality that comes from feeling truly connected to and at one with nature. The realization that to fulfill big dreams and ambitions you have to sacrifice other dreams. Ultimately, that is life; The cards are shuffled and everyone decides how to play them.

Daniel Gutiérrez plants a tree 1000 Saving the Amazon
Daniel Gutiérrez at the planting of the 100,000 tree together with the community of Tayazú, watch the full video here

Saving the Amazon is the story of the future of all humanity. In its concept and realization is the key to good living. With the character and discipline of Western thought, we approach communities that have managed to integrate a holistic understanding of nature and its cycles to have a sincere and horizontal dialogue. We knew that they could transform humanity as a whole, but we never knew how it would change us as individuals. In yoga, the chin-mudra position manifests that: the union between the ego and the universal. In the process we began to understand that our life would be an allegory of planetary thought and its development.

Saving the Amazon is a self-sustaining project that manages to survive in the midst of a capitalist system. In order to fulfill a value offer that could make all this dream come true, it has been important to be absolutely rigorous and systematic in our operating process. We have transformed the living conditions of more than 15 communities throughout Colombia and Brazil, not only because they have received income from restoring their territories through tree planting, but also because we have involved them as the central gear of a value chain that it forces them to be disciplined and systematic. Only through discipline can true freedom be achieved.

Daniel Gutiérrez and a countryman in Malka

Saving the Amazon is an engine of social transformation so that our life is understood from the community and symbiosis with nature, as well as indigenous communities. When a person decides to become a member, adopt a tree, give it away or contribute to the project in some way, they enter a path of personal evolution that will make them aware of the life situation of the most vulnerable, give them a face and a history of life to every support you give. The content that those who accompany us on our way receive empowers them as a climate warrior , making them aware not only of the particularity of the indigenous people they support, but also about the struggles our planet faces in terms of climate justice, international climate policies, sustainability and before all lack of love

When I think and write about Saving the Amazon I can't help but relate it to my life path and my philosophy of life. Chin-mudra. It has also meant for me the possibility of dreaming of a better world and that is something incalculable.



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