Plant your love on Valentine’s day and make it grow in the planet’s lungs!

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A very special date is approaching, love and friendship, and I propose a plan with a positive impact for the planet. Take the opportunity to surprise your partner with a sustainable, original and different gift. Why not sow your love and let it grow to the top in the heart of the Amazon?

Our proposal for couples in love or a group of friends is that our love translates into positive environmental impacts for all humanity. If you are looking for how to surprise your partner or those special people, you should know that the tree will be identified with a biodegradable poster in which you can include your name, the name of that special person or anniversary date.

This gift, in addition to being a sustainable gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend or friends, has a great environmental impact. Beyond the importance of conservation, protection and regeneration of ecosystems, Saving The Amazon is in contact with indigenous communities that are the guardians of the Amazon. Your gesture helps to improve living conditions since its benefits are intended to generate jobs and make the 350 native communities that make up the social project prosper.

Taking into account what we have been experiencing in the last year, I believe that it is time to act and small gestures such as this gift for Love and friendship help to conserve the Amazon allowing to increase the quality of life of the communities present there. As citizens of planet Earth we must be grateful to those who protect our ecosystem. And sponsoring a tree, to maintain the jungle that provides 20% oxygen worldwide, sounds very good.

How to adopt a tree with us?

Do you want to adopt a tree and surprise your partner with a sustainable gift for Love and Friendship? Are you 2 great travelers and want to offset your carbon footprint with this traveling gift for Valentine's Day ? Click here and adopt a tree in the Amazon now . With a single payment you will have contributed to giving life to your partner and to the planet . If you want to be original and you are a person with environmental ethics, do not hesitate and adopt a tree, it is the best sustainable gift to make a difference.

Or other reasons to plant a tree in the Amazon:

  • Fight the climate fight.
  • To protect the Amazon is to ensure 20% of the world's fresh water.
  • It favors the development of fauna by maintaining and increasing the habitat of animal species Article written from the Vero4travel Corporate Social Responsibility Program Authors: Verónica and Jesús Martínez, two traveling brothers who tell their experiences and traveling routes in Vero4travel , and that both they , as some of his followers have already adopted his tree in the Amazon.

Did you know that you can adopt a tree and transform the lives of indigenous communities?
Click here and find out how

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Thank you for saving the Amazon

Your contribution helps us:

  • 1. Fight poverty.
  • 2. Revert the climate crisis.
  • 3. Support indigenous communities.
  • 4. Protect biodiversity.
  • 5. Protect the water.
  • 6. Preserve de Amazon rainforest.
Por favor espera que salgan los botones....!

Thank you for saving the Amazon

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