The movement


Generate a collective awareness in culture and society of the need to change and transform towards a more sustainable and equitable life.


What is the movement?

The Saving the Amazon movement is a space for dialogue, information dissemination and active participation to empower people under the same goal, the fight against the climate crisis.

We believe that conscious and loving change can bring about a cultural revolution that will allow for real and structural changes that will benefit the planet and all of us who inhabit it.

We also unite our lines of action and our active struggle around meditation, because we believe in its transforming capacity based on respect for others, self-knowledge and how powerful it is to unite our energy towards the same goal.

Join us to meditate every Saturday and transform the world.

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We firmly believe that the climate crisis is the opportunity for humanity to unite under one banner and leave all our differences behind for the survival of planet Earth, our only home.

We consider that love for nature is the purest way to love the experience one has as a living being.

We know that in union and fraternity lies the possibility of salvation for the human being.

Reconocemos que la lucha más importante que tiene el ser humano se asienta en encontrar una razón para vivir. Damos por sentado que el sentido de la vida debe fundamentarse principalmente en el amor propio y el amor por lo exterior a uno.

We are convinced that the solution to the climate crisis lies, above all, in a transformation of culture and a rethinking of our human condition.

We are a movement that will exploit the love that is in the heart of each one of us to touch more hearts and thus create awareness about the need for true climate justice and a construction based on respect for all forms of life.

The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and we believe it is the clearest representation of the need for a transcontinental struggle for the climate crisis and for the indigenous communities that inhabit these territories and that hold unique teachings of love and symbiosis about their relationship with mother earth.

We are going to change the world by transforming culture.


Lines of action

Access to information

In order to have an empowered and knowledgeable citizenry about the challenges facing society in the climate crisis, it is necessary that we have access to relevant information about how society and government are behaving in these struggles. We are deeply interested in being able to disseminate relevant information on all issues concerning the climate struggle and to build together the easiest routes to access it.

Access to information

Participate actively as a volunteer

If you are passionate about the environment, social justice, want to fight the climate crisis, learn more about these issues and also help build a more sustainable future, we invite you to join The Movement! Join and share with more people like you who believe that it is possible to build a greener and more equitable world based on respect and love.