Copy of Copy of Amazon Seed

  • We plant 1 tree every month
  • Amazon Seed Partner Seal
  • We mark each tree as you want.
  • Report carbon offset with your trees.
  • Digital diploma for each tree planted.
  • Photo of the tree planted with the chosen name.
  • Follow-up of tree growth with semi-annual photographs for 36 months.
  • Bimonthly newsletter.
  • You participate Virtual Assembly of partners in April of each year.
  • For being a member of Saving The Amazon we give you a bracelet woven by La Casa de La Mujer de Vaupés (FUCAMUVA).*

*Shipping cost not included in the plan.
*You can cancel your subscription at any time by writing an email to with the subject Cancel subscription Become a Member.

Note: if you want an invoice, you must request it within the same month of adoption of the tree.

110,95 EUR

Quantity : 1


Thank you for saving the Amazon

Your contribution helps us:

  • 1. Fight poverty.
  • 2. Revert the climate crisis.
  • 3. Support indigenous communities.
  • 4. Protect biodiversity.
  • 5. Protect the water.
  • 6. Preserve de Amazon rainforest.
Por favor espera que salgan los botones....!

Thank you for saving the Amazon

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