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By donating a tree to the Amazon you will help preserve this biodiversity flashpoint, tackle climate change and advance indigenous rights. Restoring our planet’s ecosystem should be a priority for all who dwell in it.

Through Adsmovil, we’ve secured a 60% discount for the cost of the trees. Total cost for your tree: $11.99.

First, tell us why you are choosing to donate: from compensating your footprint, to gifting to others for special occasions (birthdays, condolences, etc.).

What does the adoption of your tree include?

  • A photograph of your tree planted and marked with the name of your choice
    using a biodegradable stencil.
  • Planting coordinates and their geolocation.
  • Digital donation certificate that accredits you as part of this great project.
  • Digital letter with information about your tree and the communities that planted it.
  • You can also download our app to find your tree’s location, by using the code on
    your photograph’s label.
  • Remember: It’s a single payment of X for the adoption of your trees and their
    care for 36 months. And, we will send you monthly communications about Saving
    the Amazon.

Note: If you want an invoice, you must request it within the same month of adoption of
the tree.

Your tree information will arrive in approximately 5-15 business days.

11,95 EUR

Cantidad : 1


Gracias por salvar el Amazonas

Tu contribución nos ayuda a:

  • 1. Luchar contra la pobreza.
  • 2. Revertir la crisis climática.
  • 3. Apoyar las comunidades indigenas.
  • 4. Proteger la biodiversidad.
  • 5. Proteger el agua.
  • 6. Conservar la Amazonía
Por favor espera que salgan los botones....!

Gracias por salvar el Amazonas

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